Panicked?  Here’s what I’m telling my clients

The market has tumbled over the past couple weeks.  Here’s what I’m telling my clients: As of mid-April, the stock market was gaining ground, especially Small/Mid Caps.  But on the 19th, FED chairman Jay Powell stated the obvious, that FED fund rates would need to accelerate.  Since then, the stock market has been in aContinue reading “Panicked?  Here’s what I’m telling my clients”

INANE Market reaction to Interest Rates

As the world adjusts to the Ukrainian Invasion, the stock market was recovering and the Small-Mid Cap stocks were showing strong relative strength.  Until yesterday, when FED Chairman Jay Powell stated the obvious about raising the FED Funds Rate- “it is appropriate to be moving a little more quickly.” In typical kneejerk reaction, the MarketsContinue reading “INANE Market reaction to Interest Rates”

PETRODOLLAR has limited economic impact

Markets remain volatile, but the S&P 500 is up well above the Ukraine Invasion low and it has recouped all the losses since the week before the invasion. There’s always something to fear and right now a lot of people are concerned about the “petrodollar”.  As I’ve discussed years ago in the blog and justContinue reading “PETRODOLLAR has limited economic impact”