Bought Ford & Silvergate

As we approach autumn, many pundits are speculating about a stock market correction in September or October, citing the season as overly volatile.  I’m not concerned.  Statistics can be manipulated to support any argument.  The way I interpret the data, Sep-Oct is not more prone to downturns, but when they occur, the drawdowns are moreContinue reading “Bought Ford & Silvergate”

S&P 500 personality hasn’t changed

The S&P 500 personality during the COVID Recovery remains the same:   Media promotes a scary scenario (Riots, Inflation, Variants, etc)   Fearful investors sell   S&P 500 drops to 50 day-moving-average   Smart Money buys the dip   S&P 500 rises to record high This exact scenario played out in full last week, fromContinue reading “S&P 500 personality hasn’t changed”

Summertime volatility but AUTOMATION is the Long Term Trend

Today was a bad ending to a bad week.  But don’t despair… The acquisition of Luminex (LMNX) by DiaSorin was completed 7/15/2021, so LMNX has been removed from my core holdings.  I’ve used those proceeds along with any new money to continue reinvesting in my existing positions.  Short term the market is choppy, especially forContinue reading “Summertime volatility but AUTOMATION is the Long Term Trend”

ReOpening Trade has better UPSIDE potential

I hope you’ve been buying the dips.  Despite the negative Media narratives about inflation, FED policy & COVID Variants…this week the S&P 500, DOW & NASDAQ all closed at record highs. I continue to believe that the ReOpening Trade stocks (like the COVID90 portfolio & other cyclical sectors) still offer the best potential.  While theContinue reading “ReOpening Trade has better UPSIDE potential”

FED policy shift PANIC…buying opportunity?

Hopefully you’re enjoying the start of the summer and not paying attention to the latest Media drama that’s spinning a false narrative about a hawkish shift in the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policy. This week’s scheduled FED FOMC meeting was touted as a lynchpin event for managing inflationary pressures.  Legendary commodity trader Paul Tudor JonesContinue reading “FED policy shift PANIC…buying opportunity?”