Stock Market: Up-Down-Sideways? 221023

I used the uptrend this week to close out additional positions.  My remaining holdings are concentrated in Small & Mid Cap Indexes, Energy, Aerospace Defense, and a few ReOpening stragglers.  I held the COVID90 portfolio too long.  One of the reasons was the Ukraine Invasion.  Counterintuitively, the Invasion was a perfect setup for the ReOpeningContinue reading “Stock Market: Up-Down-Sideways? 221023”

Scary chart obscures opportunity 221001

Markets are turbulent but despite the selling, the double bottom is holding and the S&P 500 is remaining above its 4 year moving average. Note the attached chart.  Purveyors of fear will use it to scare you.  I offer it as an explanation of a Bear Market versus a Catastrophic Market.  Listen to the latestContinue reading “Scary chart obscures opportunity 221001”

Forced to sell at the bottom 220929

Today I did something that I NEVER like to do…I was forced to sell, at what I believe is likely a Market bottom.  I won’t list the entirety of what I sold, it was approximately 30% of my portfolio.  The stocks I sold were generally the frailest. I say “forced” to sell, because my gutContinue reading “Forced to sell at the bottom 220929”

Double Bottom test of June Low 220925

The S&P 500 is currently forming a double bottom pattern, testing the June 16th low. NOTE- in a previous post, I stated:  “…the odds of a drop all the way back down to the low is HIGHLY unlikely.”  That was based on the 50% retracement which had taken place in August. Three quick points- “HIGHLYContinue reading “Double Bottom test of June Low 220925”