Copper price foretells the post-election Stock Market Rally

Many people were pessimistic heading into the 2020 presidential election.  But the price of Copper was foretelling a stock market rally. Prior to Trump’s surprise win in 2016, the price of Copper was stagnant. (see chart)  Once he won, both Copper and the stock market rallied for the next 12 months. Prior to this year’sContinue reading “Copper price foretells the post-election Stock Market Rally”

Value Funds comparable to COVID90 portfolio

I’ve received questions from readers that either can’t or don’t want to purchase individual stocks, but would like to mimic the COVID90 portfolio with an ETF/Mutual fund. If you have access to a wide array of funds, then you could cobble together a half dozen sector specific indexes that target the industries that haven’t yetContinue reading “Value Funds comparable to COVID90 portfolio”

COVID90: final purchases

Today I purchased the remaining 19 stocks to round out the COVID90 portfolio. I’ve received questions as to the timing of my decision to jump back into the market.  As previously stated, I’ve been waiting for a COVID 2nd Wave panic to present a buying opportunity.  While that still may occur, at this point, IContinue reading “COVID90: final purchases”

COVID90: 22 more stocks

Just a quick note- today I added an additional 22 stocks to the COVID90 portfolio: BDX        Becton Dickinson CDLX      Cardlytics COHR    Coherent EB           Eventbrite ENB        Enbridge FISV       Fiserv GSKY     GreenSky HRC        Hill-Rom MGNI    Magnite NEU       NewMarket PFPT      Proofpoint PLAB      Photronics PS           Pluralsight PSN        Parsons QMCO  Quantum SWM     Schweitzer-Mauduit THS        TreeHouse Foods TRVG     Trivago VPG       VishayContinue reading “COVID90: 22 more stocks”