Taking advantage of the Election rally 221108

Today I took advantage of the Election rally to sell half of my Small & Mid Cap indexes.  There might be a Santa Clause rally but as I previously mentioned, I’m concerned about the Fed’s overreach with a terminal target rate of above 5%.  While my favorite form of government is Stalemate, I don’t thinkContinue reading “Taking advantage of the Election rally 221108”

Fed keeps raising the bar on restrictive rates 221103

Yesterday at the FOMC press conference Fed Chairman Jay Powell said, “The question of when to moderate the pace of increases is now much less important than the question of how high to raise rates and how long to keep monetary policy restrictive.” Of course the real question to investors is, how high can ratesContinue reading “Fed keeps raising the bar on restrictive rates 221103”

Stock Market: Up-Down-Sideways? 221023

I used the uptrend this week to close out additional positions.  My remaining holdings are concentrated in Small & Mid Cap Indexes, Energy, Aerospace Defense, and a few ReOpening stragglers.  I held the COVID90 portfolio too long.  One of the reasons was the Ukraine Invasion.  Counterintuitively, the Invasion was a perfect setup for the ReOpeningContinue reading “Stock Market: Up-Down-Sideways? 221023”

Scary chart obscures opportunity 221001

Markets are turbulent but despite the selling, the double bottom is holding and the S&P 500 is remaining above its 4 year moving average. Note the attached chart.  Purveyors of fear will use it to scare you.  I offer it as an explanation of a Bear Market versus a Catastrophic Market.  Listen to the latestContinue reading “Scary chart obscures opportunity 221001”

Forced to sell at the bottom 220929

Today I did something that I NEVER like to do…I was forced to sell, at what I believe is likely a Market bottom.  I won’t list the entirety of what I sold, it was approximately 30% of my portfolio.  The stocks I sold were generally the frailest. I say “forced” to sell, because my gutContinue reading “Forced to sell at the bottom 220929”