Cynical Realpolitik 220612

The selloff late last week put an end to what could have been a three-week recovery.  Stocks started to collapsed ahead of the May inflation report, which was “higher than expected”.  Expectations are much like “policy”, both can change very abruptly.  I’m less concerned about inflation than most, because I believe that the current inflationContinue reading “Cynical Realpolitik 220612”

SUPPORT at Long Term Average 220528

The 7 week losing streak was broken this week, with significant moves higher by all indexes.  This is encouraging because often the Markets move lower ahead of a long holiday weekend.  It’s also encouraging because the move higher occurred without an announcement of material good news.  In fact, the news is just dreadful- no endContinue reading “SUPPORT at Long Term Average 220528”

Panicked?  Here’s what I’m telling my clients

The market has tumbled over the past couple weeks.  Here’s what I’m telling my clients: As of mid-April, the stock market was gaining ground, especially Small/Mid Caps.  But on the 19th, FED chairman Jay Powell stated the obvious, that FED fund rates would need to accelerate.  Since then, the stock market has been in aContinue reading “Panicked?  Here’s what I’m telling my clients”

Ukraine Invasion…war is profitable

Today’s Russia Ukraine Invasion “buy the rumor, sell the news” relief rally doesn’t surprise me for several reasons, the largest factor being that war is very profitable. Here’s another cynical fact, Russia has a tendency to “annex” its neighbors: Crimea 2014, Georgia 2008 and I’m even old enough to personally remember Czechoslovakia 1968.  I don’tContinue reading “Ukraine Invasion…war is profitable”