Back in the BUCK

Today I moved back into the US Dollar via ETF UUP.  This is a trade I had profitably exited on 1/7/16 because it had broken support (  ). The dollar is down around 2% since I sold it and I believe it’s time to move back in for a potential hold through 2016.  TheContinue reading “Back in the BUCK”


Today I initiated a short in Gold via the inverse ETF DGZ.  Based on current market conditions, I consider this a speculative trade and am only holding it in my personal account…not for any clients. There are many reasons I believe Gold is currently overbought, including the pattern illustrated in the below chart.  Notice howContinue reading “SPECULATIVE TRADE: shorting GOLD”

Closed out overweight position in US Dollar

Today I closed out my 50% position in the US Dollar.  I still believe the dollar will perform well in 2016; however, with the current market downtrend the dollar broke my targeted support level.  If conditions continue to deteriorate then the dollar will likely test the lows from August which would be a 4% decline. Continue reading “Closed out overweight position in US Dollar”