Taking some money off the table…

The S&P 500 has recovered to the previous highs of November 2019.  I’m concerned there might be a little too much re-opening exuberance right now. So to lock in some profits, I sold the following positions: BOTZ             Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF GOOGL         Alphabet HACK            Cyber Security ETF NVDA           NVIDIA RYT                S&P 500 Equal WeightContinue reading “Taking some money off the table…”

Bought Tyson Foods

The S&P 500 continues to ping pong around 2850. It has closed poorly for the past two sessions, especially today. ALERT: today I purchased Tyson Foods TSN. It was a small position, no more than 3% of portfolio value…call me CHICKEN !!! For a quick explanation of the rationale, please watch this short video: https://youtu.be/Ofe-N8b2EdQContinue reading “Bought Tyson Foods”

Setup for Portfolio Re-balance

On Friday I took advantage of the relief rally to sell base positions so that I can prepare to re-balance for what I believe will be an inevitable recovery.  I sold and fully closed out of the following positions: IXJ  Global Health Care ETF NVO  Novo Nordisk SCHB  US Broad Market ETF SCHE  Emerging MarketContinue reading “Setup for Portfolio Re-balance”

Stimulus Dead Cat Bounce?

The market has been bouncing on passage of the Emergency Stimulus.  Will it hold or is this simply a dead cat bounce? My guess is that this counter trend rally won’t hold.  Next week as the USA death count rises, the market will likely crater again.  But it won’t lead to an economic collapse, theContinue reading “Stimulus Dead Cat Bounce?”