Start thinking about taking profits- sold Disney

The S&P500 is within a hair of an all time record high.  Wall Street is pumping out IPOs and the exuberance is everywhere. Being a contrarian investor, I think it’s prudent to start thinking about taking profits.  The S&P500 is likely to top out around 3,000.  I believe Emerging Markets have much farther to run,Continue reading “Start thinking about taking profits- sold Disney”

2019 Market Upside Potential

Today the NASDAQ bounced nearly 3% because the Fed walked back their hardline stance on escalating interest rates.  My contrarian view has been that future rate hikes are limited, unless the Fed intentionally wants to crash the economy.  I don’t think they want to be responsible for creating a financial crisis, especially since Trump hasContinue reading “2019 Market Upside Potential”

Putting extra cash reserves to work- bought: COF, CSCO & ALK

I’m keeping the majority of my cash reserves available for the right entry point into the Energy/Oil sector. That being said, today I took advantage of some market weakness for myself and for portfolios that I manage which are holding high cash positions (primarily new clients over the past six months). Continuing this year’s modelContinue reading “Putting extra cash reserves to work- bought: COF, CSCO & ALK”

Now overweight in Contrarian VALUE position with purchase of: IBM, GE & INTC

Today I added IBM, GE & INTC to the contrarian or value portion of the portfolio.  Bringing that strategy to an overweight position of roughly 36%, just behind International which accounts for 40% of the portfolio. All seven contrarian stocks (DIS, GE, IBM, INTC, SBUX, VZ, WMT), as the name contrarian implies, are out-of-favor…but IContinue reading “Now overweight in Contrarian VALUE position with purchase of: IBM, GE & INTC”

End-of–year contrarian buys

Ending 2016 with four contrarian purchases: DBA- Agricultural Commodity ETF. General Ag commodity prices have not recovered since the 2008 Recession.  In fact, they’ve been in a long term secular decline.  However, occasionally DBA offers a brief relief rally.  DBA is currently consolidating below its 50dma and is about 1.5% above a long term supportingContinue reading “End-of–year contrarian buys”