Market back in CORRECTION…

Just a quick update- it looks like the Market might finally be capitulating to the reality of the COVID Re-Opening Consequences.  The Market has been extremely resilient to bad news over the past 8 weeks, but today’s action looks detrimental. I don’t know if this pullback will hold but I’d like to see further deteriorationContinue reading “Market back in CORRECTION…”

S&P500 holding long term trend

The markets are turbulent but I don’t think this is a time to panic.  Personally I see it as an opportunity to buy in at November 2017 prices, which is where the market has dropped back to. Trump Tax Cut enthusiasm had allowed the market to get ahead of itself…but, the market remains in aContinue reading “S&P500 holding long term trend”

Support at 1850- avoiding BEAR market for now

Today all the major indexes gapped down and although they recovered off their intra-day lows, it was still UGLY.  The Russell 2000 is trading at bear market levels and it has wiped out three years’ worth of gains over the past couple weeks. The S&P500 has managed to close above 1850 which is my delineationContinue reading “Support at 1850- avoiding BEAR market for now”

It Doesn’t Always Come Back

Today the S&P500 closed near support at 1850, which is my delineation between the likelihood of a Correction or a full blown Bear market (see:   ) Have we reached a bottom and this is a good time to “buy the dip”?  I have no idea, but I do think it’s encouraging that the Russell2000Continue reading “It Doesn’t Always Come Back”

Correction or Bear market?

Are we in a Correction or a Bear market?  It makes a big difference.  Corrections are when markets fall at least 10% from their top.  They generally have multiple rebounds and it’s profitable to “buy the dip”. Bear markets fall at least 20% and they can be catastrophic if you buy in too soon.  RecentContinue reading “Correction or Bear market?”