Simultaneous Fear & Greed

During my many decades as an investor, I’ve seen extremes of Fear or Greed, but I don’t recall a market that was characterized simultaneously by both.  That’s exactly where market conditions are now. FEAR:  People are deeply mired in anxiety over health effects of COVID or side effects to the economy. GREED:  People are exuberantlyContinue reading “Simultaneous Fear & Greed”

2nd Wave Panic- Relief Rally Failing

As the COVID19 death tolls peak and stabilize, the Relief Rally looks like it’s failing.  The S&P 500 lost support at its 50 day moving average.  If it breaks its short term trend line at 2700, then it’s likely the index will fall to at least the 2500-2600 range. Given the extreme media pessimism overContinue reading “2nd Wave Panic- Relief Rally Failing”