International Markets OUTPERFORMING

International markets are outperforming the S&P500 and Emerging Markets are especially strong.  [See chart.] I’m extremely happy with the portfolio over weighted in global equities.  European stocks will be jittery through the French elections in May, as they have been leading up to today’s Dutch election.  Emerging Markets will likely sputter as Oil prices fall,Continue reading “International Markets OUTPERFORMING”

Additional FOREIGN Stock Purchases

Continuing with a foreign stock theme… Today I purchased: EIS Israel ETF- This was an addition purchase for orders not filled last week. EPI India ETF- Trying to break above its 200dma. IRY Global Health Care ETF- 20dma is about to break the 50dma. VEU Total Market exUS- History of long runs once above theContinue reading “Additional FOREIGN Stock Purchases”

New Year Foreign Markets

Continuing with a contrarian theme, I opened four positions today.  My main premise is that foreign markets represent a better value than the US stock market.  Foreign markets, especially China, Mexico and Emerging Markets are out of favor due to concern that Trump’s trade policies might spark a tariff war.  This is a viable concern. Continue reading “New Year Foreign Markets”

End-of–year contrarian buys

Ending 2016 with four contrarian purchases: DBA- Agricultural Commodity ETF. General Ag commodity prices have not recovered since the 2008 Recession.  In fact, they’ve been in a long term secular decline.  However, occasionally DBA offers a brief relief rally.  DBA is currently consolidating below its 50dma and is about 1.5% above a long term supportingContinue reading “End-of–year contrarian buys”

Global vs US markets

Since the presidential election, global stock markets have been consolidating.  They’ve been trading in a tight range since summer and peaked in September.  The money question is are they about to break up or down? Pros- Most global stocks are trading at much lower valuations than the US. Rising US Dollar will make foreign productsContinue reading “Global vs US markets”