Adding to Health Care position- bought IXJ

Today I purchased iShares Global Health Care IXJ, to fill the void left in my portfolio from the shutdown of IRY. As mentioned in a recent YouTube video about my 2017 second half strategy, I believe the health care sector will remain strong.  Watch the 10 minute video at: —————————————————————————— The Robots are Coming:Continue reading “Adding to Health Care position- bought IXJ”

iShares liquidates IRY

Today iShares is finalizing the liquidation of IRY, their International Health Care ETF. ETFs are generally shutdown and liquidated when the fund fails to attract enough assets, thus being unprofitable to the issuer. IRY was a sector niche specific fund.  Which is exactly why I originally purchased it back on 1/6/2017.  Its holding were internationalContinue reading “iShares liquidates IRY”