Has Copper (inflation) Peaked?

I view the current Market selloff as a Psychological Correction, rather than a Fundamental Correction.  The Market has crashed because investors are fearful of a recession, but economic conditions are relatively favorable and stock valuations are reasonable.  The fear of recession is based on the premise that the FED will raise interest rates to calmContinue reading “Has Copper (inflation) Peaked?”

PLURALSIGHT acquired by Vista

This week COVID90 portfolio stock PLURALSIGHT (PS) was officially acquired and taken private by Vista Equity Partners.  The sale price was $22.50/share.  This is the first of the COVID90 stocks I’ve parted with, and if given the choice, I wouldn’t have sold. I think PS could easily have gone to $30. As to my overallContinue reading “PLURALSIGHT acquired by Vista”

Sold DBA & Bought BOTZ

Back in December 2016, inflation and interest rates were likely on the rise.  Most commodity prices had recovered from their lows at the start of the year, especially Oil.  With rising petroleum costs, I postulated that perhaps Agriculture commodities would finally find a bottom.  So as a speculative hedge, I purchased DBA, an agriculture ETF.Continue reading “Sold DBA & Bought BOTZ”