iShares liquidates IRY

Today iShares is finalizing the liquidation of IRY, their International Health Care ETF. ETFs are generally shutdown and liquidated when the fund fails to attract enough assets, thus being unprofitable to the issuer. IRY was a sector niche specific fund.  Which is exactly why I originally purchased it back on 1/6/2017.  Its holding were internationalContinue reading “iShares liquidates IRY”

Now overweight in Contrarian VALUE position with purchase of: IBM, GE & INTC

Today I added IBM, GE & INTC to the contrarian or value portion of the portfolio.  Bringing that strategy to an overweight position of roughly 36%, just behind International which accounts for 40% of the portfolio. All seven contrarian stocks (DIS, GE, IBM, INTC, SBUX, VZ, WMT), as the name contrarian implies, are out-of-favor…but IContinue reading “Now overweight in Contrarian VALUE position with purchase of: IBM, GE & INTC”

DI$NEY still has plenty of magic

Today I added to a previously held model position in Disney, for some of my clients that did not already own the stock.  This is something I rarely do, but I think that lately Disney is irrationally out-of-favor for the following reasons: Other media companies are struggling and fear has tainted the sector. Concerns overContinue reading “DI$NEY still has plenty of magic”

Bought the Banksters…GS & JPM

  Today I used the downward market volatility to purchase small positions in two high profile banking stocks:  Goldman Sachs (GS) and JPMorgan Chase (JPM). Coincidently, this is directly related to yesterday’s blog, whereby I asked who could identify my favorite DOW stock that would be most favored by short/near term trends in automation.  NoContinue reading “Bought the Banksters…GS & JPM”

Forbes reviews my new book…

  Richard Eisenberg captured the essence of my new book in an article that was featured in Forbes as a personal finance Editor’s Pick. As general investment positions, Eisenberg mentions that I am a fan of two exchange traded funds, ROBO and HACK.  While I believe these two funds are likely to perform extremelyContinue reading “Forbes reviews my new book…”