The Robots Are Coming…my new book is available

  As a professional investor, experience has taught me that the most useful factor for generating alpha is trading with the trend.  While the quick momentum is with short or near term trends, they often fizzle out just as abruptly as they began.  The real staying power occurs with the infrequent long term generational trend.Continue reading “The Robots Are Coming…my new book is available”

Sold OIL SHORT- oil hits lowest price in a year

Today I closed my short position in Oil, through the exchange traded fund DNO. It’s interesting to note that Oil is now at its lowest price in a year and also back to pre-OPEC production cuts.  The US rig count (primarily shale wells) is also back to May 2015 levels when West Texas Intermediate wasContinue reading “Sold OIL SHORT- oil hits lowest price in a year”

Ignore the news

The above is a recent picture and headline from Yahoo Finance. I don’t disagree that the stock market is overvalued and long overdue for a correction.  I just disagree with the gloom and doom propaganda.  People that take this drama seriously are consistently fatigued and depressed. Below is Yahoo Finance’s own chart of the VIX,Continue reading “Ignore the news”

Is your ETF keeping up?

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) can be an excellent way to invest.  But not all funds are created equal.  Some ETFs do a poor job of tracking the underlying asset or sector that they attempt to mimic. For example, last year West Texas Intermediate Oil appreciated over 100% yet the ETF that tracks it, USO, wasContinue reading “Is your ETF keeping up?”

VERIZON bought on 12dma consolidation

Today I purchased Verizon as it consolidates around its 12 day moving average (dma).  For the past two months, Verizon has traded in a tighter than normal range, fluctuating between $48 – $51.  What is more characteristic is for the price to sharply break up/down from its 12dma (see chart).  While I can’t predict whetherContinue reading “VERIZON bought on 12dma consolidation”