SUPPORT at Long Term Average 220528

The 7 week losing streak was broken this week, with significant moves higher by all indexes.  This is encouraging because often the Markets move lower ahead of a long holiday weekend.  It’s also encouraging because the move higher occurred without an announcement of material good news.  In fact, the news is just dreadful- no endContinue reading “SUPPORT at Long Term Average 220528”

Has Copper (inflation) Peaked?

I view the current Market selloff as a Psychological Correction, rather than a Fundamental Correction.  The Market has crashed because investors are fearful of a recession, but economic conditions are relatively favorable and stock valuations are reasonable.  The fear of recession is based on the premise that the FED will raise interest rates to calmContinue reading “Has Copper (inflation) Peaked?”

S&P500 >3300…how high can this MONKEY climb?

The S&P 500 broke above 3300 for the first time this week.  How high can it go?  I think higher. One primary reason is that many investors have missed out on this rally and money is still sitting on the sidelines.  Last year the average hedge fund performance was only 6.97%, while the S&P 500Continue reading “S&P500 >3300…how high can this MONKEY climb?”

Is the S&P 500 rolling over or making higher lows?

It’s been one negative headline after another- FED Repo Operations, rumors of Chinese stocks being delisted in the US, Impeachment Inquiry…yet today’s recovery was impressive and widespread.  What I find ever more interesting is how Emerging Markets seem to be improving as the US is slowing.  For the past month, Emerging Markets have outperformed theContinue reading “Is the S&P 500 rolling over or making higher lows?”

Markets like easy money

S&P500 is poised to close out the week up more than 4%.    Why? Mexican tariff fear is abating. No surprise, Mexico will take action (or at least say they will) to curb migrants entering their southern border. The May job’s report was weak, leading some to believe that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates.Continue reading “Markets like easy money”