Markets like easy money

S&P500 is poised to close out the week up more than 4%.    Why? Mexican tariff fear is abating. No surprise, Mexico will take action (or at least say they will) to curb migrants entering their southern border. The May job’s report was weak, leading some to believe that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates.Continue reading “Markets like easy money”

MARKET makes big bounce: bought IYT, XLE & XSD

The market bounced over 2% today in above average volume.  That’s a very good sign, especially since the past two trading sessions have been depressed by an onslaught of oppressive government policy uncertainty- Mexican tariffs & Big Tech anti-trust, to name a few. But the short sellers got caught by upbeat headlines- Mexico vows toContinue reading “MARKET makes big bounce: bought IYT, XLE & XSD”