VIDEO: How to chart a Simple Moving Average

Well…I’m late to the party but I have finally uploaded my first video to YouTube.  It’s an answer to the question that many of you have asked:  How to chart a simple moving average? A link to the video can be found here, as well as all future content that I post to YouTube: reading “VIDEO: How to chart a Simple Moving Average”

Walking with Walt & taking a bite of Apple

The market was mixed and down again today but I saw it as an opportunity to continue my Minefield Stock Strategy.  [Watch for the explanation in the next episode of the Wealthsteading Podcast.] Today I made small purchases of Disney (DIS) and Apple (AAPL): Disney: They have been out-of-favor but seem to be finding supportContinue reading “Walking with Walt & taking a bite of Apple”

We’ve been here before

Stock prices tend to retrace their steps.  Much like lightning hitting the same spot. Note the below chart which compares S&P500 performance during the second quarter of 2015 (15Q2 green line), third quarter of 2015 (15Q3 red line) and the current quarter (16Q2 thick blue line). 15Q2 was characterized by an extremely stable range boundContinue reading “We’ve been here before”

Where is the market headed?

The markets are behaving, with the S&P500 consolidating around the expected baseline of 1950.  (See previous article Sep’15:   S&P500 resets from 2100 to 1950  ) I suspect the worst isn’t over yet and prices will move lower in the coming weeks or months.  Overleveraged Energy/Commodity sectors haven’t capitulated and global trade remains shadowed by overcapacity.Continue reading “Where is the market headed?”