Summertime volatility but AUTOMATION is the Long Term Trend

Today was a bad ending to a bad week.  But don’t despair… The acquisition of Luminex (LMNX) by DiaSorin was completed 7/15/2021, so LMNX has been removed from my core holdings.  I’ve used those proceeds along with any new money to continue reinvesting in my existing positions.  Short term the market is choppy, especially forContinue reading “Summertime volatility but AUTOMATION is the Long Term Trend”

Virus or Politics?

The market has been EXTREMELY volatile, with 3% swings on a daily basis. Today’s 4.22% rise in the S&P 500 has been attributed to the results of the Super Tuesday Democratic Primaries.  The market prefers Slow Joe over Socialist Sanders…no surprise. But what about COVID-19 hysteria?  I’m sure that will be back tomorrow, which isContinue reading “Virus or Politics?”

Good News!!! NASDAQ up 0.01% (:

Wall Street’s hemorrhaging slowed a little today.  The NASDAQ was up, well really it was “flat” but we all needs some good news. There are some encouraging developments- S&P500 was under pressure from weekend Hedge Fund selling.  All things considered, it had a “relatively” strong close at the top of its daily range and 3.2%Continue reading “Good News!!! NASDAQ up 0.01% (:”

Market volatility not as extreme as you might think

There have been some exhausting price movements over the past month, the S&P500: Set a new record high in April Fell 7% in May Recovered 5% in June The geopolitical situation couldn’t be more uncertain- trade talks with China have broken down, BREXIT is a goat rope, and Japanese oil tankers are being attacked inContinue reading “Market volatility not as extreme as you might think”