COVID confirmed breakout above 50dma?

The Market looked like it might take a dip due to poor economic data.  Then today it popped back up when Gilead announced positive results from their COVID-19 treatment trial. Is this a head fake or a real breakout above the 50 day moving average?  It looks solid and the S&P 500 is only 2%Continue reading “COVID confirmed breakout above 50dma?”

VIDEO: How to chart a Simple Moving Average

Well…I’m late to the party but I have finally uploaded my first video to YouTube.  It’s an answer to the question that many of you have asked:  How to chart a simple moving average? A link to the video can be found here, as well as all future content that I post to YouTube: reading “VIDEO: How to chart a Simple Moving Average”

US Dollar finds support at 200dma

The S&P500 is negative for the year and below its 200 day moving average (dma).  After a weaker than expected stimulus announcement from the European Central Bank (ECB) the US Dollar dropped significantly but has found support at its 200dma. Expect switchback volatility until after next week’s meeting of the Federal Reserve FOMC. —————————————————————————— ListenContinue reading “US Dollar finds support at 200dma”