Is your ETF keeping up?

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) can be an excellent way to invest.  But not all funds are created equal.  Some ETFs do a poor job of tracking the underlying asset or sector that they attempt to mimic. For example, last year West Texas Intermediate Oil appreciated over 100% yet the ETF that tracks it, USO, wasContinue reading “Is your ETF keeping up?”

Shorting OIL- transitory supply disruptions

Yesterday I initiated a position to short Oil via the ETF: DNO. Oil is nearing $50/barrel because of supply disruptions in western Canada (wildfires) and Nigeria (militant attacks).  I believe these circumstances to be transitory.  Systemic supply exceeds demand and it’s likely that Oil will fall back to its 50 or 100dma. Oil is tryingContinue reading “Shorting OIL- transitory supply disruptions”

It’s still all about Oil

Is the market about to make an all-time new high?  I remain skeptical. Ignore Q1 earnings announcements that will be trickling out over the next two weeks.  The slack in US and global economies is the result of two related factors:  Oil Glut & China Slowdown.  Neither of which are easily resolved. Note the belowContinue reading “It’s still all about Oil”