Are we entering a Range Bound Stock Market? 221029

Yesterday I used the continuing Market rebound to sell more stocks.  Given the escalating situation in Ukraine, I think raising a majority cash position is prudent.  My holdings have been narrowed down to Small/Mid Cap Indexes, Energy, and a few dogs & cats. So am I preparing for more downside?  The September lower double dipContinue reading “Are we entering a Range Bound Stock Market? 221029”

Market staggers along…downturn could occur SUDDENLY

The Market has once again shown resilience and recovered half of last week’s losses.  Whether it moves up or down is anyone’s guess.  I’m not being facetious when I say that forecasting conditions are in a “flip a coin” mode.  While the market has been displaying extreme resilience over the past few months, the price-actionContinue reading “Market staggers along…downturn could occur SUDDENLY”

COVID Range Bound Recovery

The S&P 500 has been faltering for the past three sessions and is back near mid-April levels.  For now it’s range bound between the upper 200 day moving average and the lower 50dma.  Flip a coin to determine if the market will breakout or breakdown from here.  Here’s my assessment of the current situation:  MEDIAContinue reading “COVID Range Bound Recovery”