Record INFECTIONS…Record S&P 500

Worldwide infections for COVID are at record highs, as is the S&P 500. The RUSSELL 2000 (Small Cap index) is still lagging behind its November 8th high, but that’s where I continue to see the greater opportunity.  The “riskier” Small Cap stocks and those favored from an eventual global reopening present the best growth opportunitiesContinue reading “Record INFECTIONS…Record S&P 500”

ReOpening Trade has better UPSIDE potential

I hope you’ve been buying the dips.  Despite the negative Media narratives about inflation, FED policy & COVID Variants…this week the S&P 500, DOW & NASDAQ all closed at record highs. I continue to believe that the ReOpening Trade stocks (like the COVID90 portfolio & other cyclical sectors) still offer the best potential.  While theContinue reading “ReOpening Trade has better UPSIDE potential”

ReOpening Stocks are on the move…AGAIN

The ReOpening trade peaked in mid-March and has been consolidating with lackluster performance, until recently.  Over the past two trading sessions, it looks like momentum might have returned. Note the below chart, which uses the Small Cap RUSSELL 2000 Index as a proxy for ReOpening stocks.  The Small Caps are starting to outperform the S&PContinue reading “ReOpening Stocks are on the move…AGAIN”

PLURALSIGHT acquired by Vista

This week COVID90 portfolio stock PLURALSIGHT (PS) was officially acquired and taken private by Vista Equity Partners.  The sale price was $22.50/share.  This is the first of the COVID90 stocks I’ve parted with, and if given the choice, I wouldn’t have sold. I think PS could easily have gone to $30. As to my overallContinue reading “PLURALSIGHT acquired by Vista”