Reinvesting in these stocks…

The Small Cap index has dropped by about 12% since its November record high…I see this as an opportunity, not a time to panic. Why am I so optimistic and have been for so long?  Because I believe in the strength and resilience of the USA economy.  Today I uploaded a video on YouTube thatContinue reading “Reinvesting in these stocks…”

Support at 1850- avoiding BEAR market for now

Today all the major indexes gapped down and although they recovered off their intra-day lows, it was still UGLY.  The Russell 2000 is trading at bear market levels and it has wiped out three years’ worth of gains over the past couple weeks. The S&P500 has managed to close above 1850 which is my delineationContinue reading “Support at 1850- avoiding BEAR market for now”