2nd Day of Panic Selling !!!

Today the S&P 500 was down another 3%.  It broke support at the 100dma and is down about 8% from the peak…approaching a technical correction.  The VIX topped 30. Where’s the bottom?   I have no idea.  I bought again today (US Broad Market Index SCHB). During the 2018 CRASH, I bought multiple dips because IContinue reading “2nd Day of Panic Selling !!!”

Bought:  SCHA, SCHB & RYT 180329

Today I used idle cash to buy into the broad US market with three ETFs: SCHA- US small cap SCHB- broad exposure to most US equities RYT- equal weight S&P500 Technology, which avoids concentration in the FANG stocks (see RYT/QQQ comparison ) I’m very interested to see how the market opens on Monday, which willContinue reading “Bought:  SCHA, SCHB & RYT 180329”