Mid-term election volatility: panic or buy the dip?

Global markets took another drastic tumble today. From my vantage point, the fundamentals remain sound and I believe this is likely just pre-election volatility combined with trade war hysteria.  Had you sold at this point in the cycle two years ago during the election uncertainty, it would have been a losing position.  (see chart) SpeakingContinue reading “Mid-term election volatility: panic or buy the dip?”

VHT & KBE secondary buy point

Did you notice how well Emerging Markets did today? Is the gloom & doom of this market pullback over?  I HAVE NO IDEA.  [ hint: neither does anyone else, but ohhh do “experts” love to prognosticate with authority and conviction ] I don’t know if this market will continue to fall apart and test itsContinue reading “VHT & KBE secondary buy point”