S&P500 >3300…how high can this MONKEY climb?

The S&P 500 broke above 3300 for the first time this week.  How high can it go?  I think higher. One primary reason is that many investors have missed out on this rally and money is still sitting on the sidelines.  Last year the average hedge fund performance was only 6.97%, while the S&P 500Continue reading “S&P500 >3300…how high can this MONKEY climb?”

Markets set new record highs…how long can this last?

NOTE:  DFW Wealthsteading Meetup scheduled for 11/10/2019 is CANCELLED…I’ve come down with the flu and can’t travel this week.  Markets continue to set record highs and the number one question I’m being asked is, “How long can this last?” Although I think the S&P 500 is getting a little over extended, I’m currently holding myContinue reading “Markets set new record highs…how long can this last?”

S&P 500 sets new record high…Emerging Markets long way to go

Today the S&P 500 set a new record high.  If the Federal Reserve signals a continuation of their easy monetary policy, then it’s likely this bull market could continue to rally through year end.  I’m holding my positions and remain especially optimistic about the upside opportunities in Emerging Markets. Jerome Powell, the Chairman of theContinue reading “S&P 500 sets new record high…Emerging Markets long way to go”

Is the S&P 500 rolling over or making higher lows?

It’s been one negative headline after another- FED Repo Operations, rumors of Chinese stocks being delisted in the US, Impeachment Inquiry…yet today’s recovery was impressive and widespread.  What I find ever more interesting is how Emerging Markets seem to be improving as the US is slowing.  For the past month, Emerging Markets have outperformed theContinue reading “Is the S&P 500 rolling over or making higher lows?”

CISCO can it breakout above 50wma?

Last Friday, Cisco stock was assigned to me as part of an expiring Put Options contract.  For now, I plan to hold the position as a short term trade. The drop in Cisco started last quarter when management lowered guidance based on expectations of a global slowdown.  However, if Cisco is so concerned about aContinue reading “CISCO can it breakout above 50wma?”