Dollar breaks trend line- SOLD UUP & DGZ

The US Dollar has been performing poorly since March 3rd; but I’ve held the position because I believe in the overall strength of the currency AND it remained above long term support.  While I still believe in the overall strength of the US Dollar, today it gapped below the 2 year trend line.  The nextContinue reading “Dollar breaks trend line- SOLD UUP & DGZ”

Back in the BUCK

Today I moved back into the US Dollar via ETF UUP.  This is a trade I had profitably exited on 1/7/16 because it had broken support (  ). The dollar is down around 2% since I sold it and I believe it’s time to move back in for a potential hold through 2016.  TheContinue reading “Back in the BUCK”


Feedback from the previous post suggests that many readers are skeptical that S&P500 corporate earnings can be taken at face value because of currency manipulation and the general condition of our fiat money system.  So it’s time to revisit past illustrations where I’ve compared earnings in US Dollars with other commodities such as gold, silver,Continue reading “Are EARNINGs REAL?”

Closed out overweight position in US Dollar

Today I closed out my 50% position in the US Dollar.  I still believe the dollar will perform well in 2016; however, with the current market downtrend the dollar broke my targeted support level.  If conditions continue to deteriorate then the dollar will likely test the lows from August which would be a 4% decline. Continue reading “Closed out overweight position in US Dollar”

S&P500 down 2.5% year-to-date

The S&P500 is down 2.5% year-to-date and has lost support at all the key levels- 50, 100 & 200dma.  Is the global secular slowdown finally effecting the US stock market or is this simply another temporary meltdown ahead of the FOMC meeting?  (Whereby the markets shoot up after the Fed postpones a rate hike.) IContinue reading “S&P500 down 2.5% year-to-date”