Sell in May…miss a record HIGH

The old Wall Street adage, “Sell in May and go away,” was a little off this year.  The May downturn presented an excellent buying opportunity.  Thursday the S&P500 posted a new record high. Will it hold?  I think that depends on what kind of “happy talk” comes out of the upcoming G20 meeting, especially betweenContinue reading “Sell in May…miss a record HIGH”

VERIZON bought on 12dma consolidation

Today I purchased Verizon as it consolidates around its 12 day moving average (dma).  For the past two months, Verizon has traded in a tighter than normal range, fluctuating between $48 – $51.  What is more characteristic is for the price to sharply break up/down from its 12dma (see chart).  While I can’t predict whetherContinue reading “VERIZON bought on 12dma consolidation”