Volatility is back: watch the averages & RELAX

The Trade War saga continues.  Markets are turbulent this week as China reneges on previous negotiation terms and Trump fires off feisty tweets How to handle the volatility? Watch the moving averages. a.  S&P500 is about 1.5% away from breaking its 50 day moving average (dma). The fair value level is around its 100 orContinue reading “Volatility is back: watch the averages & RELAX”

Bull Market Reset?

Are you concerned about all the market volatility this week?  Are you worried that this bull market cycle has lasted too long? What if the post-Great Recession business cycle ended long ago, and this is the turbulence before the next big market run? I think it’s likely that the bull market ended in late 2015Continue reading “Bull Market Reset?”

1968 Presidential Market Turmoil

In 1968 the country was in a mess: North Korea captured the USS Pueblo North Vietnam launched the Tet Offensive A sniper assassinated civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Civil Rights riots erupted across the country Democrat presidential candidate and Attorney General Robert Kennedy was assassinated Antiwar protests turned violent at the DemocratContinue reading “1968 Presidential Market Turmoil”