Bought VLO…Sold WMT

The markets have been down and the S&P500 is resting on its 100dma; however, I’m optimistic and take some comfort in the fact that the VIX has remained relatively calm. I think a lot of the panic is due to the EU Parliament shakeup- which is driving the Euro and their rates lower, consequently draggingContinue reading “Bought VLO…Sold WMT”

New CEO effect: GE & Walmart

I like purchasing stocks of out-of-favor established dividend paying companies that are in a turnaround phase.  A little more than two years ago, I purchased Walmart because unlike the critics that saw an imminent Amazon induced bankruptcy, I thought the new CEO was moving the company in the right direction. I stated, “Walmart is evolvingContinue reading “New CEO effect: GE & Walmart”

New Year Foreign Markets

Continuing with a contrarian theme, I opened four positions today.  My main premise is that foreign markets represent a better value than the US stock market.  Foreign markets, especially China, Mexico and Emerging Markets are out of favor due to concern that Trump’s trade policies might spark a tariff war.  This is a viable concern. Continue reading “New Year Foreign Markets”