International Markets: secondary buy point

The proposed Fed balance sheet unwind and Trump’s tax cut plans have acted to strengthen the US Dollar from its 2017 decline.  The Dollar was down over 11% from its Dec ’16 high and has recovered a few percent over the past month. Good news for the US Dollar has put pressure on foreign markets. Continue reading “International Markets: secondary buy point”

Putting extra cash reserves to work- bought: COF, CSCO & ALK

I’m keeping the majority of my cash reserves available for the right entry point into the Energy/Oil sector. That being said, today I took advantage of some market weakness for myself and for portfolios that I manage which are holding high cash positions (primarily new clients over the past six months). Continuing this year’s modelContinue reading “Putting extra cash reserves to work- bought: COF, CSCO & ALK”

Adding to banking position- bought KBE

The threat of a North Korean nuclear war has some people scrambling to buy iodine as an antidote to radiation poisoning.  I’m not concerned about WWIII breaking out, so today I increased my holdings in large US Banks by purchasing SPDR’s S&P Bank sector ETF- KBE.  This brings my portfolio exposure to US Banks upContinue reading “Adding to banking position- bought KBE”

Adding to Health Care position- bought IXJ

Today I purchased iShares Global Health Care IXJ, to fill the void left in my portfolio from the shutdown of IRY. As mentioned in a recent YouTube video about my 2017 second half strategy, I believe the health care sector will remain strong.  Watch the 10 minute video at: —————————————————————————— The Robots are Coming:Continue reading “Adding to Health Care position- bought IXJ”

Leaving India on a high note

Today I closed my India ETF position in EPI. The ETF has had an excellent run since it was purchased in early January; however, I’m concerned it might be getting a little too top heavy. EPI is just now approaching the high it achieved in 2010 (see chart).  I’m content to exit the position onContinue reading “Leaving India on a high note”